Rent potted plants, decoration and design of various events

     Our firm provides a unique service - rental of all goods that are us. Range, reasonable prices, flexible lease terms made goods very popular in various areas gardening.

Rent of decorative items - the key to your positive attitude, any holiday is made up of details and little things that create entourage. However, most interior space leased is far from ideal. In such situations, hire a very important and useful.

Our designers and florists are ready to participate in the most creative projects:

Making fotozony, business meetings, private parties, exhibition stands, corporate events, etc.


- Rental plants for a short time if you need to green the office or conference room for important meetings or holidays, you have a party and want to impress guests tropical jungle, not necessarily to buy expensive large plants or exotic vines. All this can take in our company for hire, professionals and designers will help you to properly arrange the plants in the interior and exterior.

- Rental plants for a long time if you want to surprise guests at a country house in the summer, we can take rent a huge selection of plants. Long term rental flowers suitable for cafes, restaurants, hotels and travel agencies.

  Care Services leased plants provided only by agreement of the parties and paid separately.

  In case of death of the plant due to the fault of the customer, the latter shall pay a penalty of 100% of the cost of the plant in accordance with the rates for production facilities.

  If you do not want to part with the leased plant, you can buy it with solid deals.

  The cost of leasing plant in Kiev a day for up to 4 days from 5 to 25% depending on the price of the plant. If the lease over 4 days - the price is calculated individually and added to the pricing of services.

If you are interested only hire - make a reservation through the basket on the site marked "Rental Product."

Please contact us by phone 099-207-67-03 (together we define the key idea of ​​the project and pick up useful details).

Rental price does not include: delivery and return.