Fitodesign and planting areas

    Planting the interior living spaces and offices

The role of interior landscaping in the modern design of residential, public and office space is priceless. Using a variety of plants that can decorate the room zadekorirovat its unattractive features emphasize the successful design ideas , significantly improve the microclimate. This is a great opportunity to create a lush garden among the gloomy concrete , into a desert oasis , stone, glass and metal to fill the space with oxygen and green plants. All this is possible if the tasks of the team are representatives of " Vegetable House" - qualified biologists and designers who have impeccable taste in art , which can achieve a harmonious combination of plants to the interior of any room , as well as extensive expertise in area , in - a truly unique projects in the field of gardening and floristic .

    Only individual solutions in landscaping

 Planting areas - a process that is subject to its laws and principles as well as the fruit of several professionals working as a team.

  Yes, biologist considers the habitat of living plant organisms, light and humidity indoors ozelenyuvaniy , engineer counts the number of plants in the composition , the designer selects the shape and materials of pots to create a harmonious interior that highlights the benefits and possible drawbacks of existing hides planning decisions.

 The best materials and technology

Quality interior landscaping of residential and office space requires the use of the best plant materials. Therefore, in the arsenal of means of living art " Vegetable House" are always carefully selected plants with spectacular color and form. We take into account the most current and fashion trends in interior landscaping . Combined with modern technological solutions it gives excellent result .