Payment for goods                              

  For corporate customers:

1) Payment by bank transfer is made through your bank in accordance with the invoice .

2) Payment in cash getting cash the check.

  For individual customers:

1) Pay cash to the courier upon receipt of the order;

- In Stock New Post You can pay money for goods in cash for new mail and courier upon delivery - directly to him and only cash. Pay in stock you can as card and cash.

2) Payment by credit card: 

- Private Bank (privat24 system) - a secure method of payment via Visa / MasterCard. You can use this service if you are an authorized user privat24 confirming payment purchase personal password that avtoryzuyetsya bank. 

Privat24 logon

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2 ) Pay by credit card - a secure POS terminal ;

  Secure online payment online using credit cards . Just when ordering click an item in the shopping cart payment .

   Our company does not collect or store data about bank card customers. Payment is due to the company's server using credit cards VISA and MasterCard, including VISA Electron and MasterCard Maestro.

   It runs at the Standard Bank of Ukraine and is certified according to the international standard PCI DSS ( Payment Card Industry Security ). Service companies receive payments without comment has been tested for compliance with the requirements for protection of personal data.